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Martin Ilmoni was born in the 1960's in Helsinki, Finland. Brought up in the golden age of melodical pop-tunes, he started his own musical career in the beginning of the 1980's.

He led "The Shaking Legs", a group consisting of school time buddies playing mainly old rock & roll standards and 50's ballads. Despite playing some locally famous gigs and having a good time, The Shaking Legs soon faded.

Later in the 80's Martin started composing his own material and soon his demo tapes began gathering notice. Meanwhile, he toured extensively in Finland with the group April Moon.

Martin signed with EMI for a finnish language album "Kultalankaa" (Gold Thread) in 1994. The song "Beibi Mä Korjaan" was a big hit. Listen to a sample in our Free Songs page.

The second album Monsuunimaileja (Monsoon Miles) was released in 1998. Download the beautiful ballad "Tuoksusi jää" (Your Scent Will Stay On) on the Free Songs page.

From 2005 and onwards Martin has been busy filming and producing tv documentaries (while also composing the music score for them). He's also writing new musical material, both in english and in swedish. Check out the tv side on the KALEIDO site.